Leading team members

Mathew Bates

Commercial Director

Mathew has worked in the fields of SFS, Partitions and Ceilings since leaving school. When he grows up he would very much like to be Marty McFly!

Simon Jones

Project Director

Simon has worked in all aspects of construction since the age of 16 and relishes the ever changing demands of the industry. If you have ever seen his driving you would be right to guess that his favourite film is The Italian Job (1969).

Andy Carr

Procurement Manager

Andy has been getting angry at shoddy tender enquiries since the turn of the millennium. He sees himself as a Troy Bolton type character due to his unerring joie de vivre and musical talent.

Natalie McDermott

Business Manager

Natalie joined Sparta from a commercial background in the retail industry and is enjoying the varied challenges that construction brings - please check back at a later date for a film fact (once she has actually watched a film).

Dave Fordham

Project Manager

Dave joined (well started) the Sparta Project Management team from a Plastering background and has technically worked at Sparta longer than anyone else. He sees himself as a Steve McQueen-esqe figure.

Shaun Bates

Project Manager

Shaun has been a Project Manager since the begining of time, prior to this he served his time as a Joiner. If he were a film character he thinks he would definitely be Katniss Everdeen.

Kevin Elshaw

Project Manager

Kevin joined us with 25 years experience in the construction game. Prior to that he was a professional footballer with Sheffield Wednesday!